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Jim and Cody founded Cheezly's in 2017. 

It was their life long dream

to open a truly unique restaurant

such as Cheezly's. 

"Everyone leaves with a smile!" - Jim


  Cheezly’s Restaurant was founded by James Christiano, and Cody Kilroy in 2017 when the duo discovered they shared a passion for cheesy food, and the dream of opening the next big restaurant chain.

 Over the course of a few years of careful research the Cheezly’s business model began to form. In the Spring of 2019 Cheezly’s launched it’s first location in Port Jefferson Station, NY utilizing a custom built food trailer on a vacant plot of land. The Company operated successfully for several months building their concept until shutting down due to and extremely high demand from customers. The guys needed a store with more space to work and accommodate properly.

  They decided it was time to move into a traditional brick-and-mortar building. So, in August of 2019 Cheezly’s began construction on their first traditional location in Centereach, NY and continues in operation today. As our company continues to grow and expand, our fundamental ideals continue to stay the same. “Everyone Leaves With A Smile” a motto we have used since day one still rings true today, and will continue to be the leading ideal as we grow our business into not just a restaurant, but a dedicated member of the communities we serve.

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